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CBD: A guide to getting started.

   If you’re looking to stock CBD but aren’t sure where to start, we have put together this quick, handy...

The Importance of Sustainable Krill Based Products

As we become more aware of the environmental challenges that impact our planet, the importance of producing sustainable and eco-friendly...

Top Supplement Picks for Dealing with the Menopause

Using a combination of supplements can be the key to relieving some of the symptoms associate with the menopause. In this blog, our nutritionist Katie picks out her top combination of supplements for pain relief and other symptom reduction.
“We chose to stock PharmaHemp’s because of their reputation as a European pioneer, their high-quality standards including organic and natural certifications, the effectiveness of their products and the credentials of their founder and CEO. Over the years, we've consistently received excellent feedback, particularly for the cannabinoid-rich high-strength pastes and the 5% with curcumin and black pepper. “ For the Ageless
Pharmahemp has always shown a high standard approach to their products. It is a trustworthy company that has all the facilities for the 21st century's high quality production of CBD. It is nice to have a piece of mind when recommending their products to our customers! Highly recommended company! I Aulik Co-founder EpicZen