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At Savant Heath we strive for excellence and integrity in everything we do and promise to only deliver high quality ethical and sustainability sourced brands


“Udo’s Choice Microbiotics is one of the highest quality probiotics on the market as they have a variety of strains and also a large cell count. We advise customers to buy Udo’s Choice because it has tailored blends for different age groups and is backed by clinical studies. The feedback from customers is very positive and we continue to make repeat sales.”

Hillcrest Pharmacy

“The product ranges were chosen due to their high quality. detailedbackground and clinical information. Feedback from customers is verypositive and we have recently seen an increase in Manuka Healthlozenge sales”.

High End London Pharmacy

“We chose to stock PharmaHemp because of their reputation as a European pioneer, their high-quality standards including organic and natural certifications, the effectiveness of their products and the credentials of their founder and CEO. Over the years, we've consistently received excellent feedback, particularly for the cannabinoid-rich high-strength pastes”

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  • Spotlight on a Tool: Leaflets and Brochures
    July 31, 2023 Abby Smith

    Spotlight on a Tool: Leaflets and Brochures

      When you want to learn more about a new product that you have seen advertised in a retail environment or store, where do you go for that information? While some rely solely on online and social touch-points for product...

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  • Spotlight on a Tool: POS
    June 1, 2023 Abby Smith

    Spotlight on a Tool: POS

      Here at Savant Health we know that the brands we work with and the products we provide and stock are great – and we know that you, as our retail partners and stockists, know it too. And while we...

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