One Nutrition

One Nutrition Supplement Range

One Nutrition was designed for customers looking for new, well formulated products, made with the finest ingredients, a mix of food and isolated nutrients to deliver powerful formulations.

One Nutrition is an environmentally conscious brand, with all packaging made from recyclable materials, and ingredients that have been ethically sourced, and organic where possible. The circle logo represents ‘oneness’ - with the earth, and with oneself.

Having worked in the industry for over 25 years,  One Nutrition’s founders Darragh Hammond and Dominic Galvin sought to address the gap in the market for a range of products that not only delivered ethically sourced high-quality vitamins and minerals, but also used well researched ingredients to create new, innovative products, delivering therapeutic solutions to everyday health.

They produced an extensive range of supplements, and divided these into 3 categories, or ‘approaches’,  to supplement health: products for everyday health;  products for recovery and repair; and a set of superfoods  to underpin these and provide food-based nutrients.

Within each category, there are both; Pure, high-quality vitamins, minerals, and nutrients that support the diet; and bespoke, restorative solution products, designed to target specific issues requiring therapeutic intervention.

One Nutrition products carry the following accreditations:

  • VEGAN (exception Turmeric max and Joint Factor)
  • Vegetarian (D3/K2)
  • Organically Soil Association (The Superfoods range)
  • Organic (MCT and Black Seed Oil)

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