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Manuka Health


Not All Honey Is Created Equal...

Manuka Health are experts in Manuka honey products. Founded in 2006, Manuka Health is now a leading global Manuka honey brand. Unlike many Manuka honey companies Manuka Health owns the whole process from hive to jar – from our 20,000 beehives and highly skilled beekeeping team, to careful extraction, processing and packing, all in their own purpose built facilities. Driven by a deep care for the wellbeing of people, bees and the environment Manuka Health is a trusted brand in over 25 countries worldwide.

  • Our Premium Manuka Honey & bee products help people be at their natural best, everyday
  • Pioneers of MGO, Methylglyoxal (MGO) is the ingredient that makes Manuka Honey so unique. The MGO rating system tests and certifies every jar for MGO potency, purity and quality.
  • Every jar of Manuka Health Manuka honey is tested and certified for natural MGO content. The MGO number tells you the level of MGO in your jar of Manuka honey, which is directly related to its potency (e.g. MGO 100+ means there is a minimum of 100mg of MGO per 1kg of honey). - Download our usage guide here 
  • Manuka Health honey is 100% raw, unpasteurised and never heated above bee-hive temperature to ensure a superior tasting honey with all the wonderful natural properties.
  • Manuka Health honey tastes smooth, velvety and delicious
  • Something for everyone- Our wide range of honeys ensure something for every household. Multi floral (MGO 30+) provides a delicious everyday honey staple while the monofloral ( MGO 100+ and above) is made from pure manuka nectar providing you a pure unadulterated manuka honey.

Trusted and Traceable From Hive to Home

Each jar has a Trust Code - a unique QR code that allows you to check that your jar of Manuka honey is verified as authentic.
Every batch of Manuka Health Manuka honey is ‘fingerprinted’ by scientific traceability company Oritain. This means that we can trace any jar of Manuka Health Manuka honey back to its true origin and confirm it's genuine.

Manuka Health Manuka honey is independently tested to rigorous industry standards (set by the New Zealand Government), ensuring each batch is guaranteed to be genuine New Zealand Manuka honey.


  • Sustainability and environmental responsibility are at the heart of everything Manuka Health does;
  • Manuka’s Health beekeeping team leads the way in sustainable beekeeping and they have a dedicated year round bee health program
  • Manuka Health are committed to planting 1 million Manuka trees by 2025 to ensure a healthy land is here to stay
  • Reducing, reusing or recycling wherever possible is a top priority.
  • Each jar is made in New Zealand by Pharmapac (a Toitu Enviromark Diamond Accredited manufacturer and Operation Clean Sweep partner) from BPA-free recyclable plastic