PharmaHemp CBD

A family business since 1965, PharmaHemp is one of the largest CBD distributors in Europe. With a presence in over 65 countries and an ever-growing loyal consumer base, we provide superior oil, extract, isolate and water-soluble CBD, as branded and white label products.

Sustainable And Responsible Manufacturing

We use organic farming methods to grow our certified hemp in the Pannonian planes of Croatia and Slovenia, where the climate and low temperatures result in naturally low THC content within the hemp plant. The careful choice of fields and organic farming methods ensure that the hemp is free of pesticides, herbicides, fungicides, heavy metals, and other environmental pollutants.

Consumer Trust And Safety Guaranteed

Our range is fully traceable and third-party tested in QC assured sites to ensure quality, purity, and authenticity. We control the entire process to ensure we know what goes into every single CBD product. This guarantees all our products have legal THC levels and batch-specific lab reports.

CBD Compliant Labeling

Our packaging has been carefully designed to represent the quality of the product and to fall  in line with UK requirements. Our packaging allows consumers to easily identify the amount of CBD in the product (mg), its percentage (strength of the oil), product volume (ml), ingredients, product identity (food supplement), usage, instructions of use, health and safety warnings, and storage information along with the batch number for full traceability.

Vegan Certified

There are many ways that animal-based derivatives can make their way into a product or its supply chain. The rigorous standards that accompany the Vegan certification process means that our customers can buy our product with the highest levels of confidence. 

  • All food supplements are products covered by FSA Novel Food applications
    • Isolate RP34
    • Full Spectrum RP821
  • All cosmetics have been listed on UK and European Cosmetic database

Our entire CBD food supplement range is legally permitted for sale in the UK.

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CBD White Label Service

One of the biggest benefits of white labelling is that one can use an already-polished product with your brand name attached to it, thereby increasing your brand recognition and brand trustworthiness.

When you have full control over the products, you can determine product RRP for profitable pricing.

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