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Udo's Choice

Your Health Journey Starts Here!

The Udo’s Choice range was developed by Dr. Udo Erasmus to tackle the most neglected areas of nutrition - Gut and cellular health. By looking after these areas everything else falls into place.

The Foundations of Health

Your gut is supported both structurally with probiotics and mechanically with enzymes, the bowel is supported with fibre heavy multi-greens while the function of every cell in your body relies on the essential fatty acids in the oil.

• Free of impurities, including any chemical residues
• Organically certified ingredients (where possible)
• No genetically modified ingredients
• Premium products with no unnecessary fillers or artificial ingredients
• Produced with respect to all ingredients -protecting nutrients of each with state of the art extraction methods
• Packaged to maintain the highest quality possible
• Environmentally friendly packaging processes
• Vegetarian

Udo’s Choice Range

Protecting & Supporting: The Brain and Heart
Get your fats right…
Udo's Choice Ultimate Oil is the original, internationally award-winning cold-pressed blend of organic seeds, delivering plant-based omega 3, 6 & 9 undamaged full chain Essential Fatty Acids in the right ratio for optimum foundation health.

Protecting & Supporting: Bowel & Detox
Consume more greens…
A vitalising blend of certified organic and vegan fermented greens, the Beyond Greens is a source of naturally occurring vitamin B12 and iodine to support energy, skin and the normal functioning of the immune system.

Protecting & Supporting: Digestive System
Absorb more nutrients…
Udo’s Choice Digestive Enzyme Blend is a blend of plant-based enzymes matching those inside our digestive systems . Chosen to assist the breakdown of proteins, fats, carbohydrates, soluble fibre, starch, milk sugar and complex sugars aiding healthy digestion and nutrient absorption.

Protecting & Supporting: The Immune System
Look after you gut…
Udo’s Choice Microbiotics use the most researched age-appropriate strength and strains of bacteria. Refrigerated to guarantee cell count on expiry for effectiveness. The Udo's Choice Microbiotics are free from enteric coating, FOS and gluten free.

Supporting Our Brands
We support our brands through integrated marketing campaigns across multiple points of customer contact.