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Would you prefer to Reduce the Number of Suppliers You Work With?

Would you prefer to Reduce the Number of Suppliers You Work With?


Running a business in the health and wellness sector means not only connecting your customers with the products that they are looking for, but introducing them to new brands and innovative solutions from across the market.

As the stockist for seventeen different wellness brands, covering everything from womens health to CBD products and more, we work with retailers across the UK and beyond by giving them access to a leading selection of products from brands with a great track record for customer satisfaction and innovation.  

The fact is that customers love the brands that we stock and supply, with retailers who partner with us able to access this broad pool of wellness brands that tick all boxes and provide products for men, women, and children across all ages of life and development.

What more could you possibly need to know? Keep reading for a few reasons why working with Savant Health as your core supplier is a great business move for 2023.


The benefits of partnering with one core supplier

As the exclusive supplier of some of the best wellness and alternative therapy brands on the market, we partner with retailers across the UK and beyond – connecting their customers with the most innovative and effective products available.

For customers, the benefits of access to Savant Healths brands are clear – but what about our range of retailers and stockists? Is working with a single supplier of so many brands a good thing?

In short, yes – and heres why.

When you work with a supplier that provides access to such a broad collection of brands, not only does communication and ordering become much easier to manage and keep track of, but you also benefit from discounts and deals on larger orders that span a broader range of products. For stockists, this immediately means less risk as it lets you spread your outgoings across a wider range of products, rather than ordering lots of units of individual products that you may then struggle to sell.

Another benefit of working with fewer suppliers lies in the minimising of administration costs and work, not to mention the impact this consolidation of suppliers has on managing inventory, new orders, and fulfilment. With fewer touch-points required to bolster and build your stock levels, our retail partners enjoy much better service and value, as well as more efficient stocking processes.

With all this in mind, its clear to see why working with a single supplier of so many brands can be a good thing. But why Savant Health specifically?


Why Savant Health?

The main benefit of partnering with Savant Health is our exclusive access to brands which tick all the boxes in terms of your customersaccess to healthcare and wellness solutions for every stage of life – from early development to tackling various challenges, dealing with menopause, and more.

And thats not all. Here at Savant Health, we not only provide the products themselves but also connect retailers with market materials, posters, displays, and expert nutritionists to train your in-house team and to help ensure that customers are fully aware of the benefits of each brand and its product line as it is launched.

This means that when you decide to stock products from our extensive line, your retail team will be trained in how to match the different brands and products to the right consumers, and will enjoy long term support from the Savant Health team.

A few other benefits of partnering with Savant Health include:

  • Long term and quarterly offers, spearheaded by our team at HQ and rolled out across our stockists so that all retailers benefit from the same promotions.
  • Enhanced offers and upsell opportunities, meaning that the more brands you decide to stock through Savant Health, the more you will save on wholesale prices.
  • Marketing support via our quarterly themes and focus points.


Become a Savant Health stockist

2023 is the year for a renewed focus on wellness and alternative remedies, with social trends and TikTok already proven to have an impact on how consumers of all ages hone in on their health – both mental and physical. Whether youre considering adding the latest trend to your own range, or want to find out about our exclusive list of brands and products which can help you to match your customers with the best lifestyle products for them, here at Savant Health we offer a one-stop shop that will help you to reach a broader customer base quickly and effectively.

Every new account is overseen by a Savant Health account manager, telesales experts, and our customer care team who inform our partners of new promotions and assist with queries, requests and place orders. To benefit from all this and more, expanding your product range and building your own profits with access to a plethora of new products and market solutions, get in touch with us today to find out more.

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