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Spotlight on a Tool: POS

Spotlight on a Tool: POS


Here at Savant Health we know that the brands we work with and the products we provide and stock are great – and we know that you, as our retail partners and stockists, know it too.

And while we pride ourselves in the work that our team of experts put into upskilling retail staff across all stores and outlets to help them sell these products to customers, a big part of the sales process lies in the way we use POS – that is, Point of Sale Materials and marketing collateral.

In this blog post, we’re considering not only the importance of having effective marketing displays in store but how to use each one to position products as effective solutions for customers in need of different things – from everyday wellness supplements to specific and more targeted healthcare solutions.

First up, however, what exactly are Point of Sale Materials?


POS explained

A Point of Sale Material is designed to first attract the attention of customers, and then convert or draw them towards a specific product or solution at a time when they are prepared to buy. What differentiates a POS from an online marketing ad is the ability of POS to sway a customer almost instantly, with retailers using discounts and deals as part of their Point of Sale marketing strategies to drive sales.

A few examples include leaflets and brochures, posters, billboards, and fully branded product displays. 


The most effective POS materials we supply to drive sales

Here at Savant Health, leaflets are among the most effective POS that we supply because they help to bolster the reputation and reliability of a product that is sat on the shelf in front of the customer. Often packed full of the answers to all the questions they might have and want answering before purchase, the POS in this case is designed to influence the customers decision, and alert them to any discounts or deals you may be offering in relation to specific product lines.

In addition to the material itself, you need to consider placement and how these materials will be displayed – which is where exposure becomes an important consideration.


How to maximise exposure of your POS materials

The most effective POS materials are those which capture the customers attention right at the moment when they are looking for a solution to an issue. The point of these marketing tools is to entice them at the very moment when they are ready to make a decision – with placement and display type both integral factors to consider in order to maximise both exposure and accessibility.

We’ve already talked about how we use both leaflets and brochures, alongside posters and billboard-style adverts to launch and build excitement around new products – but when placing these in your own store its crucial to consider the customer journey and how customers navigate around the store.

Some tips from our in-house team include:

  • Consider display boxes and cubes which are not only versatile, but which are portable and can be moved around your store to trial different locations. This is a particularly good thing to try if you are new to POS.
  • Place signage directly next to spotlight items and products, and make sure that the key information and benefits of the product are located at eye level.
  • Use POS to advertise deals and discounts and use colour psychology to draw attention in different ways – for example, green denotes environmental benefits, white is seen as a pure and healthy colour for clean living, and red catches the eye and is an ideal colour for portraying key messages quickly.


Enhance your store with Savant Health’s POS

All of our Point of Sale Materials are designed to draw attention towards both the products and the deals that are most likely to entice your core customers and target audience as a Savant Health stockist. From the colours of the displays to the information provided, using our POSM is an effective way of framing your products in the way that best suits the customer journey and what theyre looking for in store.

To find out more about the different leaflets and POS we offer, and to put in your order, visit our website or get in touch with the Savant Health team directly.

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