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Are you a retail or stockist keen to see Savant Health’s brands and products on your shelves?

Are you a retail or stockist keen to see Savant Health’s brands and products on your shelves?

Why It’s Better to Order From


Are you a retail or stockist keen to see Savant Health’s brands and products on your shelves?

With a vast array of brands that are stocked exclusively by our retail partners, delivering health and wellness solutions and supplements to consumers from all walks of life, of all ages, and from all backgrounds, the opportunity to broaden your customer base with Savant Health products is huge.

Whether you want to support development for young people, meet the needs of women facing menopause, or deliver accessible and effective solutions for everyday health goals, Savant Healths collection of brand partnerships all share the same drive to make wellness easier for customers to access and integrate into their own lives.

With that said, why should you as a retailer partner with us rather than sourcing your own products via the brands that share your vision? Here are a few reasons why we believe partnering with us is the most effective, efficient, and valuable way of enhancing your success in the wellness market.


Benefits of partnering with Savant Health

Partnering with Savant Health affords you access to some of the best wellness brands in the market, heralding natural ingredients and the kinds of products which customers can both understand and relate to as part of their everyday routine.

Deliberately working with those brands that put customer transparency first, and which deliver products which can be easily integrated into everyday routines via convenient sachets, tablets, or oral solutions, Savant Health brands combat the issues that your customers have.

Best of all, Savant Health does more than simply provide access to the products themselves. With our website boasting everything from additional discounts for large bulk orders, to online promotions and trade deals, we make it easy for our trading partners to benefit as well as their customers.


What happens when you order through Savant Health?

When you sign up to stock and sell our branded goods and products, we dont just send you a package of supplements and leave you to sell them yourselves. As part of our end-to-end commitment to both retailers and the end customer, buying through Savant Health means you also enjoy access to product training and the kind of marketing materials that build reputation and that enable you to become a verified stockist of each product.

With a full suite of Point of Sale Materials, combined with the added benefit of online trade discounts and promotions according to demand and seasonal trends, ordering direct via Savant Health gives you more than just access to stock – with plenty of support to help you embody the brands you are stocking and sell more, increasing profits. 

Finally, who doesnt love a free gift? And when you and your customers order from Savant Health, first orders which meet the T&Cs all come with a £25 M&S gift card completely free of charge.

Are you sold? Becoming a Savant Health retailer couldnt be easier, simply visit our website to find out more about signing up as a stockist, and one of our experts will be in touch to discuss the next steps with you directly.

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