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What’s New at Savant Health?

What’s New at Savant Health?


Here at Savant Health we connect consumers with new products and brands from across the health and wellness sector, heralding alternative therapies and natural ingredients and remedies as part of our commitment to customers from all walks of life. A major part of our market share lies in partnerships with retailers and stockists, who regularly enjoy access to brand new and innovative products that we onboard as part of our collection.

In this update, we’re offering you an exclusive first look at the latest products to arrive in our warehouses – including whats on offer, the benefits of these new brands and products, and who you can expect to target with these offers.


Goli Nutrition

Goli Nutrition specialise in supplying gummies for the whole family, with accessible and tasty vitamin-packed gummies that boost overall health and wellness for individual family members.

With a focus on delivering daily supplements in genuinely delicious and super simple bitesize products, one of the core focus points of the Goli brand is making health not only more accessible in terms of the products themselves, but with regards to the information behind the scenes as well. For Goli, good health and overall wellness starts and ends with a simple ingredient list – making sure that every aspect of their gummies make sense to the people that matter most: the consumers.

And its this fact which we believe makes Goli Nutrition such an asset for our stockists and retail partners, demonstrating a commitment to solutions which consumers and customers can understand and get behind.


Revive Collagen

A brand that is famously heralded by celebrities and which was founded by TOWIE alumni Samantha Faiers, Revive Collagen combines Type 1 Marine collagen with single dose sachets which are administered orally for optimal absorption of the collagen through the stomach.

While many alternative brands deliver collagen via creams and tablets, the benefit of the Revive Collagen drinkable sachets lies not only in the accessible nature of the on-the-go pouches but also the 90-95% absorption rate and the added aloe vera and hyaluronic acid ingredients which further promote healthy skin, hair, nails, and joints.

Again, for customers this is a revolutionary product that is easy to work into their routine, with the great taste and attractive packaging making this an enticing addition to our partner retailersand stockistsshelves.



The vegan vitamins and oral solutions from Syno-Vital combine potent ingredients with tasty and accessible packages which provide customers with single dose formulas to help combat aches, pains, and everyday health needs.

With a broad range of products and a selection of different delivery methods, from gummies to liquid supplements and sachets, not to mention the additional serums for those seeking an extra boost of hyaluronic acid, Syno-Vital has developed a range of supplements and wellness solutions which cater to all individual needs and consumer preferences. This means that, on your shelves, Syno-Vital is a brand likely to appeal to a mass audience.


PLUS, a whole new range of New Nordic products

New Nordic is a brand that we are proud to stock here at Savant Health, providing our retail partners and direct consumers with natural remedies and solutions which help to achieve complete health and wellness from the inside out. Recognised as the best health brand at the 2020 beauty shortlist awards, New Nordic is a star brand to put on your shelves and combines its potent benefits and ingredients with attractive packaging and a wide selection of both targeted products and broader supplements that satisfy specific and more rounded health goals and needs.

New Nordic is committed to natural solutions and remedies, and as such is a spotlight brand for those looking to promote beauty from the inside, out. Having New Nordic on your shelves is a great way to promote your own values in terms of natural and innovative solutions, for both beauty and health needs.


Become a Savant Health stockist

Our retail partners benefit from access to all of these new brands and so many more, with retailers able to access multi-buy benefits and offers as well as marketing support across some of the brands for which we are an exclusive supplier.

For more information on these and our other collection of wellness and health brands, get in touch with our stockist team today.

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