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The Benefits of Staff Training and Why You Should Start Today!

The Benefits of Staff Training and Why You Should Start Today!


 Have you ever found yourself posed with a question from a customer that youre not 100% sure how to answer?

While stocking external brands and products can be a great way to grow your business and expand your customer base, without access to the right information and accurate advice, converting browsers into paying customers can be tough. Which is where staff training comes in.

Most jobs offer some level of training to their team, whether its to do with customer service and systems usage, or specific brand and product knowledge. Here at Savant Health, staff training isnt just something we offer – its a major benefit afforded to our retail partners and stockists, that allows you to embody the traits of a Savant Health expert and sell the different product lines with confidence and the added value of reputable advice and customer guidance.

In this blog, were sharing not only the benefits of this training but what you can expect as a Savant Health stockist. But first, what are the benefits that all employers should be aware of when it comes to training and development in the workplace?


The benefits of training employees

As an employer, two words that you will be familiar with are recruitment and retention – but did you know that training plays a major role in the success of both these areas of your business?

When you invest time and money into training your employees, not only do you benefit from improved productivity and efficiency in the workplace, but you also nurture a workforce where each individual holds more accountability, and where individuals require less support to succeed in their role.

Another major benefit that we see across the retail staff and shop floor teams that we work with, is the creation of a standard under which team members are then expected to work, with the standardisation of expertise and knowledge making it easier for competency to be monitored effectively. Finally, when you invest in training and provide employees with opportunity to develop both in their role and on a broader professional basis, you make them more likely to remain loyal to your company or business – creating better working relationships between you as an employer and your employees.

With that in mind, how does the product training that Savant Health offers to retailers benefit both businesses and the individual employees within them?


Introducing the Savant Health product training program

When you become a Savant Health retail partner or stockist, you benefit from free product training with our team of experts, which is designed to deliver knowledge and ensure that staff across your business are fully trained on both the benefits of the products and the properties of their core ingredients.

With training and support available in a number of formats, depending on the time and level of experience that exists in your business, we ensure that information is tailored to your team and to the products that you are most likely to stock and sell on site.

This means that retailers can access our in-house nutrition experts who will visit your store and deliver face to face training or benefit from training over zoom for a more flexible and accessible approach to upskilling and staff training.

Additional resources are available in the form of our Reasons to Recommendproduct sheets, with businesses and retailers also able to access our detailed training manuals online via a PDF or print format for ongoing training.

Finally, we are proud to have built an online training platform on Moodle which delivers training across our different brands and products in a structured way, taking employees through the individual benefits of each products as well as the overarching benefits of each brand and collection of products according to use and consumer.


Build a better team and increase the profitability of your Savant Health range

When you access our training, not only do you make it easier for your team to sell Savant Health products but you do the brands and product collections themselves justice in the way you represent and market them to customers.

From in-house training to online skills development and access to additional resources, we make it easy for your team to gain the insight and information required to sell Savant Health and boost profits in your business.

Find out more by visiting our website or reaching out to discuss training with a member of the team.

Email:marketing@ to request your log on today.

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