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VMS Category – Stocking the Right Immunity Range

VMS Category – Stocking the Right Immunity Range

With the colder weather and darker evenings starting to set in, and office workers bypassing their morning walk to work in favour of public transport, cold and flu bugs are, as ever, on the rise.

And while this may be the best time of year for tissue sales and cold and flu tablets, as retailers we should be encouraging consumers and customers to pick up immunity products and vitamins from the shelves, in an effort to keep bugs at bay and to ward sickness away. 

Support your customershealth this winter

As we move into the Winter months of 2022, consumers are more focused than ever before on staying warm and healthy this winter. The rise in bills means that central heating is going to be harder to justify than ever before, and so consumers will be looking for ways of keeping themselves fit and healthy.

What products should retailers be stocking this winter?

The following products have all been handpicked by our nutritionists and are heralded for their compatibility when used together. What this means for retailers and stockists is that all of the products introduced below are safe to take in unison with each other and can help to support customers’ health throughout the winter months.

One Nutrition Vitamin D spray

When the days grow shorter and the sunny days become fewer and far between, getting a healthy dose of Vitamin D becomes more challenging. The One Nutrition Vitamin D spray is designed as a daily maintenance product made from a vegan certified vitamin D3 source, which is accessible and safe for use throughout your family – all year round, and with an easy to dose orange-flavoured spray.

Udo’s Choice Super 8 Immune

With a blend of micro biotics and added Vitamin C for immunity, this product is a potent daily support solution for ensuring and maintaining optimum health. Particularly notable is the Bifidobacterium “friendly” bacteria which is known for its high survival rate in the body and its ability to expand and colonise.

One Nutrition Revive and Go

Available in a daily-dose capsule format, this product is a powerhouse of Vitamin C and citrus bioflavonoids, with added Zinc citrate to ensure that the ingredients are easily absorbed into the stomach.

Manuka Health Honey 30+

An ideal go-to treatment if your body lets a cold or flu bug in, this manuka honey blend is not just delicious but it is a wonderful soothing product for coughs and sore throats. Not to mention its manuka potency makes it a high quality and high value product for consumers.

Put education at the forefront of your store

… not just for your customers, but for your employees and colleagues too!

The fact is that most consumers don’t just want great products when they come looking for wellbeing and health products – they also want great advice about what vitamins they should be looking for and how to factor them into their daily routine and lifestyle.

Here at Savant Health, we are proud to offer an online training platform with unlimited support and access to information about our main products – with added Zoom training sessions with our in-house nutritionist when required.

For access to all this training and more, empowering you to give your customers the best possible advice alongside their products, drop us an email at

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