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Spotlight on a Tool: Leaflets and Brochures

Spotlight on a Tool: Leaflets and Brochures


When you want to learn more about a new product that you have seen advertised in a retail environment or store, where do you go for that information?

While some rely solely on online and social touch-points for product discovery and information, there is a broad market which continues to herald leaflets and brochures as excellent sources of information, not just because they provide interested customers with instant information and all the answers that they need right there in the store itself, but because they are deemed a reputable and reliable source of information.

In this blog post, we’re putting the spotlight on leaflets and brochures as integral tools to boost your marketing activity in store when you launch Savant Healths brands and products – sharing first the benefits and then a few tips on how to make sure your marketing receives a positive response.


The benefits of leaflets and brochures when launching a product

The first and most obvious benefit of laying leaflets and/or brochures next to a new product launch is the instant access to information for consumers, meaning that even if they are not ready to purchase the item there and then, they will take home the marketing collateral and be more likely to remember the brand and product name later down the line.

Another major benefit associated with physical marketing tools like leaflets in particular is the fact that they are deemed reliable and reputable sources of information. While online has become a major source of advertising, marketing, and information for consumers, the fact remains that information found online cannot always be 100% relied upon – whereas that which is produced by the company selling a specific product is not only guaranteed to be accurate but also factual and helpful.

Of course, thats not to say that online touch-points arent beneficial in the marketing and sales process – with some of the best and most effective leaflets guiding consumers towards reputable online sources of further information should they wish to progress with more research.

The other benefit that we tend to herald among our stockists and retail partners is the long term success of products which are launched alongside physical collateral such as leaflets and brochures, with consumers able to share the information amongst their own peers thus broadening the reach of marketing in a way that in-store billboards and displays cannot. Not only does a takeaway leaflet remind customers to consider a product they were interested in, but it lets them share the information with others.


Tips for optimising the way you use marketing material in your store

When you become a Savant Health stockist or retail partner, you can order a range of leaflets and/or brochures to display in store alongside your product display. Some of the best ways of optimising these leaflets for maximum visibility among customers include:

  • Displaying leaflets on counter tops at your point of sale locations in-store
  • Creating brochure and leaflets floor stands which sit at the end of shopping aisles
  • Invest in leaflet display cases which sit alongside poster displays for a brighter and more colourful impact

For more information on how to get a selection of our Savant Health leaflets for your retail space or store, get in touch with us directly or visit our website to place your order:

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