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How To Get Started With Health And Fitness

How To Get Started With Health And Fitness

Are you looking to start your health and fitness journey? Starting can be the hardest part. Whether you are looking to gain muscle, lose weight or feel healthier there are some fundamental elements you should consider.



To get control over your health and fitness levels, it’s best to look at exercise & diet first and get the fundamentals sorted, before you look at introducing supplements. 

It’s important to start with a goal in mind, otherwise it becomes too easy to give up on a run, or not go to that gym class.



Habit forming, can be crucial to the long-term success of your health and fitness journey; this includes getting out of bad habits and then forming new ones. Why? Because it’ll be worth it in the end, trust us and the benefits you can get from regular exercise are wide and potentially life-changing.

We mentioned exercise and diet, but the best approach is to start with just one thing at first. Start small but just make sure you start. A few press ups, or sit ups a day, a walk, or a job, just start with something and keep doing it. This will create a habit, and when exercise becomes a habit and less of a chore it will become easier and more rewarding.

If you know you like to make excuses for not doing exercise, a good way of making it happen, is planning ahead and making time for exercise activities (that you enjoy). Remember start small, 10 minutes a day to begin with is a great way of making fitness feel routine.



Rest & recovery are as important as good exercise for your long term health. Sleep and downtime are vital for your body to recuperate. It can be exciting when you first start exercising to see muscle gain or weight loss. This can lead to over exercise and exhaustion that will inhibit your progress. It’s hard to over train, but it’s easy to under recover.

A good night’s sleep can solve a lot of problems. Sleep deprivation can be a major hindrance to the progress of your health and fitness. So, along with good exercise and a responsible diet you should ensure that you are resting enough.



What you eat plays a huge role in both your health and fitness. You should be eating a balanced diet. An easy way to kickstart your journey to become healthy and fit is to adjust your portion sizes. Similarly, it is important to gradually get rid of the unhealthy foods that you may be prone to indulge in.

As with exercise, it is best to make small adjustments and gradually pick up healthier habits that suit your lifestyle. There is no need to launch head first into a restrictive diet plan like the paleo diet. More often than not when you fail to adhere to strict diet you are more likely to unhealthy habits.

If you are uncertain about which diet is for you, it may help to seek expert advice from a nutritionist or personal trainer.



Once you’ve nailed the basics and are exercising regularly and eating well, you can then look to introduce supplements. Cleanmarine for Men for example, is complete formulation of Omega 3, vitamins and nutrients which have been carefully selected based on extensive scientific research to provide a unique all-in-one Omega 3 Multivitamin for men designed to support energy levels and various other key areas of men’s health.

Supplements can also be a great addition to your pre-workout routine. You can take different supplements based on your fitness goals. We won’t go in to too much detail here, but Caffeine and Creatine are too of the most widely research supplements around, if you’re interested, click the links or check out


Staying fit

Hopefully the above tips have given you some good ideas about how to start your health and fitness journey. The best approach is to start small. Gradual incremental change will lead to progress in the right direction.

You should focus on diet and exercise first. Creating a dietary and fitness plan that suits your needs and schedule is important. On top of diet and exercise you can give yourself a helpful boost with supplements like Cleanmarine for Men.

Ultimately, you can be the master of your own health and fitness. The key is to make your health and fitness routine enjoyable. If you make it a habit you are more likely to enjoy the journey!

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