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The Importance of Staff Training

The Importance of Staff Training

When you present your staff with an opportunity to train, develop, and learn new things, you make your company or business a valuable and supportive place to work. With employee retention at an all-time low across many industries, given the increased desire for more benefits, greater workplace flexibility, and higher pay, finding ways of tapping into what your employees really want is key.

Of course, training is a huge part of any retention strategy. But it doesnt end there. When you offer inhouse training to both new and existing employees, you allow your team to gain the necessary knowledge and skills they need to carry out their daily duties effectively and efficiently.

In this blog post, we outline some of the key areas of focus for staff training, considering how it benefits both you and your employees directly.

Why should you train your staff?

When you train your employees inhouse or through a carefully selected external staff training program, you can ensure that knowledge and skills are passed on in a structured way - investing your training budget in progression that will make your team assets to your business.

While some basic areas of training will often be mandatory for new members of staff, we are finding that many businesses and companies overlook the potential that comes when you train your existing and long-term employees as well.

Not only will training staff at all levels present more consistency across the board in terms of skills and knowledge, but it will also show your support for employeesdevelopment regardless of their time with the company so far.

What are the benefits of staff training?

When you offer staff training as a perk of the job, its not just your employees who will benefit - your business will inevitably see a few direct benefits of its own as well.

  • Improved productivity - Training doesnt have to be just about enhancing the skills of your employees (although job and role-specific training can certainly improve efficiency as we will go onto in the next point). Training can also be a way of linking every employee and every role to the vision and mission of the company, motivating them to take an active role in the companys development.
  • Increased efficiency - Increasing efficiency is all about making employees better suited to their jobs, by investing in and giving them the skills that they need to complete their tasks more easily. You never know, as employees become better suited to their daily tasks, you might find that they can take on more.
  • More accountability - When every employee has received training in their respective roles, they take more responsibility for their tasks and will find greater personal reward in completing their role to a high standard.
  • Less support required - The more your employees on the ground know about the business and your products, the fewer questions they will have and the lower the rate of intervention required to keep the business moving.
  • Higher retention - What could your business do with the funds and time it will save on recruitment, if you are able to increase the retention scheme across the board? When you invest in the development of your team, you give them a reason to remain loyal.

With so many benefits open to those businesses who invest in training their staff, the opportunities are clear. So, where can you find the best training to empower each and every employee with the skills, knowledge, and passion they need to become an asset to your business?

Introducing Savant Training

Savant provides training and support to businesses across several formats and learning styles, depending on the time allowance, the operational model of your business, and the existing experience of your staff.

Here are some of the training and development services that are provided by Savant Health:

  • Nutrition training, delivered by our very own inhouse expert who can deliver face-to-face or zoom / virtual training to your team.
  • Detailed training manuals which are all delivered in PDF format for high level accessibility to all staff members.
  • Our exclusive online training platform on Moodle, which provides a structured approach to every corner of product training across a multitude of skills and knowledge levels. All training manuals have been written by our very own nutritionist, featuring quizzes and an opportunity to win prizes for a more interactive experience.
  • Access to our quick reference Reasons to Recommendfactsheets, one for each product

To find out more about our different training offers, to gain access to our training manuals and training platform, and to get the answers to your questions, please email

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