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Why You Should Always Have the Udo’s Choice Range on Your Shelf

Why You Should Always Have the Udo’s Choice Range on Your Shelf

Finding a range of products which supports your entire customer base is difficult. From avoiding certain allergens, to marketing products which are inclusive of all lifestyle choices including veganism and plant-based diets, offering a range which ticks every box tends to mean shopping around - both for you and for your customers.

Until now.

Udo’s Choice is a brand which launched in 1994 and has dedicated itself to making nutritional health easier than ever for millions of customers. With a range which is inclusive of plant-based diets, delivers all products in environmentally friendly and sustainable packaging, and works with only the finest and purest ingredients, Udo’s Choice was made with all customers in mind.

Keep reading to find out more about the individual products, the range, and the ways in which Udo’s Choice connects with your customers.

Why is Udo’s Choice such a popular range of products?
A great supplement brand supports the nutritional challenges which everyday users find hard to fill themselves.

Udo’s Choice takes those everyday challenges and combats them with products packed full of natural ingredients. By offering these in a range of oils, capsules, and dried powders, Udo’s Choice gives your customers the power to control their own health and finally focus on the importance of great nutrition.

The Udo’s Choice Products
With an age-specific probiotics range, a selection of products which are suitable for vegetarians and vegans, and tons of in-house research which covers and ticks all the questions which customers have when trying new products and supplements, the Udo’s Choice product range is inclusive and effective.

Udo’s Choice products are designed to:
• Deliver the best fats and oils for overall health
• Optimise digestive functions
• Provide the missing vital greens which so many users lack in their diet

The product range includes oils, dried powders, and capsules which all contain whole food blends - making it easy for users to factor Udo’s Choice products into their everyday diets without issue. And if your customers do find themselves questioning how best to factor these products into their meals, the Udo’s Choice page on Inspired Health dedicates an entire section to recipes for all occasions - all including the Udo’s Choice products.

What does the range include?
A recent market study from P&S Intelligence suggests that the rise in veganism is one of the biggest trends which is currently influencing the supplements market. That’s why Udo Choice’s vegetarian and vegan range is proving so popular with retailers and customers alike - presenting inclusivity in the supplements market and ensuring that buyers across all lifestyle choices can benefit from the boost in nutrients that Udo’s Choice provides.
Not to mention, with up to 99% of the population ingesting less than optimal levels of Omega-3 in particular on a daily basis, the rise in demand for these supplements is set to boom across healthcare and wellbeing retailers - with the Udo’s Choice range ticking all the boxes.

The Udo’s Choice Shopper - who are they and how do I appeal to them?
The Udo’s Choice shopper is keen to expand their approach to nutrition through a combination of supplements and healthy eating. With the Udo’s Choice site page offering endless blogs with advice on increasing consumer exposure to the right nutrients and vitamins, as well as recipes for embracing the use of Udo’s Choice products in everyday mealtimes, we make all-round health easier for the whole family.

When you stock the Udo’s Choice range on your shelf, you make that healthy lifestyle and optimal wellbeing accessible to all your customers, presenting a plant-based alternative to many of the standard supplements, created by a brand which cares about making healthy living easy and enjoyable.

The probiotic market is expected to reach an incredible $1,567 million US dollars by 2025, and the more you can do now to tap into that market for your everyday consumers, the better it will be for your business.

What else can Savant Health offer?
As well as the products themselves, our team are well prepped to deliver the support that both you, the retailer, and your customers need. With a fully qualified team on hand to answer all relevant nutrition questions and concerns, we can offer an outsourced advice centre or engage your instore team in a high level of training and education - giving you the power to handle those same questions instore.
Each account is overseen by an account manager, giving you the benefit of tailored support, telesales, and a customer care team. This all-round guidance will ensure you are always aware of an maximising on promotions and new product launches through consumer research, customer outreach, and marketing.

The Savant Health partnership promises:
1. Account Management
2. 360-Degree Marketing Support
3. Training & Demo Staff
4. Customer Care
5. Nationwide Sales Team
6. Fully Qualified Nutritionist

Best of all, by working hand in hand with nutritionists and the experts behind each of our brands and products, we offer every retail partner with direct access to the health and wellbeing industry, its trends, and how best to capitalise on demand.

To learn more about how we support our partner retailers with supplying, stocking, marketing, and selling Udo’s Choice, and to better understand the quality of our ingredients and end products, check out the brand information, product pages, and the Udo’s Choice blog.

To discuss how you can stock Udo’s Choice on your shelves, get in touch today.

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