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Spotlight on Irish Botanica

Spotlight on Irish Botanica

As one of the leading herbal product suppliers on the market, combining naturally potent raw ingredients with the highest level of knowledge in the form of Irish herbalist David Foley, Irish Botanica has produced a collection of mushroom and herbal supplements which all tick a different box when it comes to maintaining and supporting wellbeing and health.

In a modern world where ingredient lists are becoming longer and more complex with every new product release, Irish Botanica aims to put simplicity back on the menu - with only the highest quality ingredients packaged down into powered supplements and tablets for everyday use.

Why Irish Botanica?

With a history and vision steeped in nature and the power of minimally processed ingredients, Irish Botanica owes much of its insight and success to herbalist David Foley, who works with the brand to produce different products for different ailments, age groups, and health-related needs. With over 30 years in the business and world of herbs and herbal remedies, Foley brings an understanding of Chinese medicine to the Irish-based health supplement business, ensuring that the modern need for convenience and ease of use is paired with the sanctity of natural goodness and ingredients.

The Irish Botanica range is extensive and can be used and employed to support a broad range of different treatments and individual needs - with the following collection breakdown a small insight into the immense power of these products both on their own and as part of a wider healthcare regime.

Introducing the Irish Botanica Collection

The Irish Botanica collection is broken down into two main product groups - one of which is based around the use of natural mushrooms, and the other contains herbal supplements.


The brands mushroom products are available as powdered supplements and capsules (depending on what youre looking for) and can be used to support a range of ailments and healthcare focuses, from overall wellbeing to more specific complaints like allergies, anxiety, and immune health.

Mushroom Complex

The first product is one which contains three of the most potent mushrooms in the Irish Botanica collection, creating a powerhouse go-to supplement for those who want to support their immune system, maintain high and consistent energy levels without the daily slump that so many people face every day, and give their body a boost after illness.

Lion’s Mane

Available as a powder or a capsule supplement, Lions Mane looks, in its natural wild environment, like the mane of a lion with its white tendrils floating away from the main stem of the mushroom. As a healthcare supplement, this product is all about nerve growth and brain cell protection and growth, making it great for those who suffer from anxiety.


The Maitake mushroom product is available on our website as a capsule supplement, primarily because the polysaccharides which are naturally present in the mushroom make it resistant to degradation via stomach acids and so it is highly effective as an oral supplement. This mushroom is another one which boosts overall wellbeing, with the main aim of the product being to support and maintain a healthy immune system.


The Chaga mushroom looks, in its natural environment, like a burnt piece of charcoal - however this unappealing exterior hides a multitude of healthcare benefits. Available as a capsule, this product is high in antioxidants and boasts an array of anti-inflammatory properties, which allows it to support the digestive system and the seamless work of the blood vessels.


The different products in this collection are available in different formats, from capsules to an oral liquid and a throat spray depending on what you prefer as a consumer.

All Seasons Complex

This herbal supplement is the perfect go-to for someone who suffers from allergies, particularly in the summer months when the pollen count increases. Made using ingredients such as peppermint, angelica, and astragalus, this oral liquid is user friendly and works quickly to alleviate hayfever symptoms.


A blend of herbs which are designed to support women during the menopause, this herbal supplement promotes a healthy balance of hormones and can help to combat some of the common symptoms of menopause - including fatigue and tiredness.

Milk Thistle

Native to Ireland and the UK, milk thistle is the epitome of a local product which does a world of good - helping to detox the liver, support the immune system, and even control diabetes. It is also a potent pain reliever.

Botanical Syrup

Made using a blend of different botanical extracts, this syrup is an all-in-one medicine which has been formulated specifically by David Foley - helping the body to combat stubborn coughs and offering that all-important support to the immune system. This is a particular soothing syrup which is as effective at managing symptoms as it is at getting rid of them completely.

Throat Coat

Last up is the Irish Botanica Throat Coat, which has won awards for its effectiveness in the face of a stubborn sore or dry throat - not only lubricating and easing the discomfort caused by a sore throat, but also protecting the throat from further infection.

Savant Health and Irish Botanica

The Irish Botanica collection boasts a sophisticated array of products which combine the complexity of modern medicine with the simplicity of natures finest and most beneficial ingredients. In an effort to provide this natural support to consumers and users of all ages and from all walks of life, we are proud to offer a wide range of Irish Botanica products to our commercial partners.

For more information, check out the full collection here

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