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Spotlight on Cleanmarine for Kids

Spotlight on Cleanmarine for Kids

Childrens health is one of the most complex, highly saturated markets in the health and wellbeing sector. And while some parents reach for a multivitamin, safe in the knowledge that a well balanced all-rounder will provide their child with a healthy dose of vitamins, minerals, and nutrients, others are drawn to more specific products – such as Krill Oil and other sources of omega 3.

But with so much information out there relating to these products and their ingredients, how do they know which products are most effective and safest for kids?

In this blog post, we’re putting the spotlight on Cleanmarine for Kids – specifically on the importance of omega 3 and how our products can help.

The importance of omega 3 for children

Omega 3 is commonly recognised as a nutrient which is good for our brain, our eyesight, our joint and muscle health, and even our mental stability – alleviating and easing signs of tiredness and depression.

Containing an important component called DHA, it is brain development which is of particular interest in the childrens supplement market – with demand for omega 3 on the rise due to the importance of DHA as children grow, their brains develop, and their sight expands.

And while omega 3 is found naturally in foods like oily fish, the long-lived challenge of getting children to eat such foods as fish means that getting that boost of omega 3 into young people is difficult – nigh on impossible. Not to mention, with oily fish also containing heavy metals and an imbalance of other components, there is a balance to be had between allowing children access to the right vitamins and minerals without tipping the scales into dangerous”.

Enter the supplements which are making waves in the Krill Oil market.

The Krill Oil market

The major benefit of supplements in the Krill Oil market is that they make it easy for children and adults alike to access the nutrients they need, without the fishy flavour and the potential side effects of heavy metals and other imbalances.

Extracted from a species of Krill in the Antarctic, Krill Oil has become synonymous with not only the boost of omega 3 and DHA which children and adults need, but also with the promotion of cardiovascular development, the reduction of inflammation, and the developmental support of infantsneurology and brain function.

In short, Krill Oil is an all-rounder which makes it easy for all these benefits to be packaged into small, single dose tablets – though the long residing challenge, as ever, lies in the sustainability of this as a source and product. 

Our mission at Cleanmarine is to continue to deliver the products that our customers want, while working and partnering with sustainable suppliers who put the needs of the environment first. Thats why in creating our Krill Oil products we use ‘Superba Krill which is sourced from AKER Biomarine – an A-rated and MSC certified fishery.

Introducing Superba Krill and Cleanmarine For Kids

With both omega 3 and DHA combined into a single daily capsule, the benefits of our Superba Krill sourced products are:

  • Theyre sustainable
  • The absorbable capsule travels through the blood to where it is needed, for direct benefit to the body
  • No heavy metals that you might find in other natural omega 3 sources
  • Environmentally friendly catch method

And it doesn’t end there. When it comes to ensuring your customers get all the nutrients they need for their children, Cleanmarine for Kids utilises Superba Krill to create an effective source of omega 3 which is small and tasteless.

Some of the benefits for children specifically include:

  • Natural and clean source of omegas
  • The omega 3 is contained in the form of phospholipids, for optimal results
  • Support learning and general cognitive development
  • Support heart and eye health from a young age

Check out this review from a happy customer:

The oil has helped my 3-year-old develop more vocabulary than she had a few months before we began using it. I just love it; we are stuck with it"

Find out more about Cleanmarine for Kids here

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