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Organic September – One Nutrition

Organic September – One Nutrition

September doesnt just mark the great British return to schools and the start of Autumn weather. It is also the start of our drive to embrace organic – getting to the bottom of what it means to hold organic status, how it can make products better, and what consumers are looking for from organic products.

So, what does it mean to be labelled organic?

What is organic certification?

When a product is classed as organic, or a farm or manufacturer achieves organic status, it basically means that every aspect of the production and packaging process ticks the box which proves it was grown, made, and finished without the use of chemical fertilisers, pesticides, and other chemical components which aid growth by killing off surrounding pests and weeds.

When a product or specific manufacturer can prove that these standards have been met as per the legal guidelines, they are given a Soil Association symbol which becomes a universal sign of their organic status.

What do organic standards cover?

As a producer, being organic means all aspects of manufacturing, producing, storage, packaging, and sales meets the standards laid out. The point of organic farming and manufacturing is to ensure that every touchpoint of the process from growth to sale and beyond is benefitting the whole food system, the planet, plant health and animal welfare. That means higher welfare standards across the board and limiting or completely cutting the use of pesticides and fertilisers.

From the perspective of the association, this is proven with operation audits and visits to ensure that those brands which are capitalising on the growing demand for organic products are indeed meeting the standards laid out by the Soil Association.

How can I tell what is a truly organic and natural product?

A product which shows the Soil Association symbol is one which has been independently inspected and regulated under the guidance of the association – meeting the needs set out by this most widely recognised and trusted organic status symbol in the UK.

As a brand or business, achieving organic status under your own guidance is only part of the process – with the formal certification required in order to actually label your products as organic to translates and communicate your status to consumers and customers. It is this official status which provides customers with the assurance that you have been vetted and granted approval by an independent regulator.

The potential is huge – and growing!

People care more than ever about what they put in their bodies, and that means that organic products are continuing to outgrow and outperform non-organic products significantly.

While finding ways of implementing better costs for consumers right now is of the upmost importance, achieving the official status which proves the quality of your products is what will continue to drive sales for those producing food which benefits customers, nature, wildlife, and the planet as a whole.

What are One Nutrition offering?

Here at One Nutrition, we believe in doing things not just well, but really well (its kind of our tagline, actually!)

With a focus on delivering the very best products, made from the best, ethically sourced, premium ingredients, we never compromise on quality and instead are committed to only selling those items which enrich personal health and wellbeing while also presenting a manufacturing process which benefits the world around us. That translates to our packaging as well as our production methods, ticking the boxes of our ever-sustainable customer base.

Two of our spotlight products that we will be focusing on during Organic September are:

  • Organic Barley Grass Juice
  • Organic Wheatgrass Juice

Organic Barley Grass Juice

A vegan, gluten free, and soy free product which offers more calcium than a glass of milk, barley grass juice is a powerful detoxifier and cleanser which is a proven excellent source of the nutrients the body needs to grow, repair tissue, aid digestion, and improve overall wellbeing.

A superfood which is packed full of nutrients and vitamins, barley grass juice is an all-rounder for the health conscious consumer – manufactured from powdered barley grass to maximise the absorption of the nutrients and to deliver a long lasting and sustainable alternative to animal products and other market solutions.

Organic Wheatgrass Juice

A highly potent juice, wheatgrass juice is considered natures multivitamin – rich in vitamins A, C, and E, as well as iron, calcium, and magnesium. Wheatgrass juice is particularly popular with athletes and active individuals as it helps to get more oxygen into the blood and helps to keep bones strong with its naturally high presence of calcium and magnesium.

Not only does wheatgrass juice support overall wellness and the immune system – it is also an organic product which is highly absorbable and manufactured under the highest of sustainable standards as per the One Nutrition commitment.

Join us this Organic September month, by spotlighting these and other organic certified products. 

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