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9 Incredible Health Benefits Of Omega 3

9 Incredible Health Benefits Of Omega 3

When you ask people what they know about Omega 3, they mostly talk about oily fish and brainpower! There is so much more that Omega 3 has to offer. What’s more, you don’t need to dine exclusively on sardines to get a healthy amount in your diet either. Here are nine reasons why Omega 3 is incredible, and everyone should know about it.

1.    It Protects Your Vision

When we talk about Omega 3, we’re talking about a family of fatty acids, not just one type. In this family, two nutrients are closely linked to eye health. These are DHA and EPA. 

DHA is particularly vital because your body uses it to build your retina. Without which, you’ll struggle to see much of anything. So having adequate levels of DHA is vital for maintaining a healthy vision.

As you age, you can find that your vision deteriorates. There is a condition called age-related macular degeneration (AMD). AMD is a common condition and causes difficulty with things like reading and recognising faces. A recent study has shown that people who suffer from AMD also have low levels of both DHA and EPA.

It’s not definitive, but the signs indicate that having suitable levels of these nutrients could protect your vision as you age.

2.    Omega 3 Controls Inflammation

Recently we’ve all been hearing a lot about inflammation and cytokines. So, it might be interesting to learn that Omega 3 reduces chronic and excessive inflammation by reducing cytokines in the body. This reduced inflammation can help to manage the symptoms of conditions like arthritis and fibromyalgia. 

To get the best inflammation-busting effects, you need to get your balance of Omegas right. That means balancing your Omega 3 with Omega 6. If this is something you struggle with, it can be handy to take a pre-balanced supplement.

3.    It Increases Your Mobility

As we’ve already discussed, Omega 3 is an effective anti-inflammatory agent. This is important in a lot of aspects of your health. Your immune system’s first response to most issues is to cause inflammation around the problem. This is great for stopping you from using a damaged joint or rushing immune cells to an infection site.

However, it’s not so great as a reaction to exercise, for example. Good levels of Omega can prevent unnecessary inflammation in your joints and muscles. This can keep you moving more freely after exercise, and as you get older.

4.    Get More Sleep And Less Stress

Studies have shown that adding Omega 3 into diets that are lacking it can improve sleep and decrease stress. Omega 3 promotes the production of melanin, the hormone that helps you drop off. It also plays a role in regulating levels of norepinephrine, one of the hormones associated with stress.

Having the right levels of these two hormones is vital if you are to drop into REM sleep, the most restful stage of sleep. So if you’re struggling to get enough sleep or are waking up tired, you could try adding a little Omega 3 to your daily routine.

5.    It Improves Your Skin Condition

Your skin is amazing. It does an astounding array of jobs to keep you healthy. To help it in these tasks, you must keep it nourished. Omega 3 is one of these vital nutrients you need to keep your skin healthy. It is used to build robust cell membranes to repair your skin after damage.

The anti-inflammatory effects of Omega 3 also have an impact on your skin condition. Reduced inflammation can help to prevent the appearance of spots, acne, and eczema. People who suffer from these conditions are often low in both DHA and EPA, so topping up on your Omega 3 is a good idea.

6.    Omega 3 Keeps Your Brain Healthy

So, this is the one everyone knows, but it’s still incredible and worth a mention. Your brain is the fattiest organ in your body, at 60% fat. To keep it healthy and in tip-top condition, you need to have a good source of healthy fats in your diet. At the top of the list should be Omega 3.

7.    It Helps Manage Your Mood

We already touched on the fact that Omega 3 plays a role in regulating the levels of norepinephrine. It also has a role in managing cortisol as well, the other pesky stress hormone.

Studies have shown that supplementing your diet with Omega 3, especially in times of stress, can reduce feelings of anxiety and depression. Obviously, it is not a replacement for therapy or depression medication. However, it can be an extra tool that you can use to help manage your mood.

8.    Boost Your Immune System

After everything that we’ve learned about Omega 3 and inflammation, it should come as no surprise that it also plays a role in managing your immune system. Not only does it prevent excessive inflammation, but it also helps your white blood cells do their job more efficiently.

9.    It Keeps Your Heart Healthy

This is another benefit that a lot of people are already aware of. The evidence for this is beyond doubt. The anti-inflammatory effects of Omega 3 protect your heart and your blood vessels. Furthermore, higher levels of Omega 3 are associated with lower risks for heart attacks and strokes.

All in all, Omega 3 is a pretty powerful family of nutrients. So you owe it to yourself to make sure you’re giving your body all it needs.

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