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Spotlight on Norvia

Spotlight on Norvia

For the millions of women who find themselves facing the realities of menopause every day, Norvia presents a solution which is designed to minimise the life-changing symptoms and signals of menopause, and support women in living a normal daily life.

The latest product release from the Norvia brand, called Norvia Menopause, a nutritional shake which contains all the hormonal stabilisers that women need to combat the upheaval of menopause, in addition to nutrients and vitamins which help to combat some of the most common symptoms of the process.

But with menopause such a natural stage of life, how exactly does Norvia Menopause work?

The reality behind menopause

By the time women reach the age of 45, menopause is an imminent, if not already present, part of their lives. And with the average age of menopause for women in the UK set at around 51 years of age, it is estimated that right now there are around 5.1 million women living with menopause - 1.5 million of whom are facing the common symptoms of hot flushes and night sweats on a regular basis.

What does this tell us? That the market for an all-encompassing and use friendly solution to some of these symptoms is not only viable but is sorely needed by the modern-day woman in her 40s / 50s.

What is Norvia?

Norvia was founded by a Norwegian scientist, who is intent on delivering natural solutions to prevent and treat common ailments and complaints. With over 30 years of experience in the field of natural products and ingredients, Dr and Chairman, Dr Høie is a particular fan of the use of soybeans in the face of cardiovascular disease and illness - areas which he has been able to tackle using his knowledge of the powerful ingredient in normalising blood sugars, lowering cholesterol, and aiding the retention of a healthy weight.

While Norvia has long been a brand and company linked with cardiovascular problems and solutions in particular, Norvia Menopause takes on a new challenge in the form of supporting female health and wellbeing throughout the menopausal stage of their life - and it does so with a powerful concoction of ingredients.

Before we go onto look at the newest product itself in more detail, it is also important to note that the Norvia brand aims to deliver its solutions in accessible formats which can be used by those from all walks of life - including those who live a plant-based lifestyle.

Introducing Norvia Menopause

Norvia Menopause is a powerhouse product which has been designed with women facing the menopause - making it suitable for those in perimenopause, menopause, and post-menopausal stages of life. In addition to supporting the hormonal balance in these women, who are likely facing common symptoms as a result of the hormonal imbalance that comes with menopause, the product seeks to support bone health, cardiovascular health, energy, immunity, and the health of the central nervous system, making it an all-rounder which is just as easy to prepare and take as a morning coffee.

The Norvia Menopause product comes as a powdered nutritional shake, which can be mixed and dissolved into water using the single portion sachet measurements. The standard purchase size contains 28 sachets giving you enough product for around one months use - all wrapped up in a single portion which helps to support overall health and wellbeing as well as alleviating some of the more uncomfortable symptoms of menopause.

Some of the main ingredients included in Norvia Menopause, which support a healthy lifestyle and can aid women facing menopause, are:

  • Plant-based Proteins
  • Phospholipids
  • Fibre
  • B vitamins
  • Vitamin D3
  • Magnesium
  • Calcium
  • Soy Isoflavones

Most women who have tried Norvia Menopause report feeling better, with some of the major symptoms the product alleviates being hot flushes, sweating, palpitations, tiredness, irritability, anxiety, and a low mood.

Savant Health and Norvia

Here at Savant Health, we are big believers in making solutions and wellbeing support products as accessible and user friendly as possible. Thats why we are proud to introduce Norvia products to our commercial partners.

Norvia is a brand which puts natural health front and centre, and Norvia Menopause is the latest product to offer an all-natural solution which women can depend on.


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