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Green tea leaves extract, Chili-Capsicum fruit extract, Dill seed extract, Ginger Root extract, Peppermint oil

Key Nutritionals

Green tea leaves 486 mg
Dill   150 mg
Ginger root 50mg
Chili pepper  12 mg
Peppermint 4.50 mg



Take 2 tablets, twice daily, preferably with meals, for 2 weeks. After 2 weeks, take one tablet twice daily

Helps weight management and digestive upsets.


Chili Burn contains all natural ingredients, such as green tea, chili, ginger and dill. The product has been in development for 7 years, and recent science has clearly shown that it works to burn fat. The principle is simple: We aim to safely increase your calorie expenditure. As your body burns more calories, you slowly, but surely, lose weight by burning stored fat.

Chili Burn™ burns fat without side effects. Chili burn is the natural way to increase metabolism. In a recent study in the medical journal Obesity, the ingredients in Chili Burn™ were scientifically proven to burn fat over a 8 weeks period.