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Freshlife 3000 Extra Barrel Set

Product code: TRI241

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The Tribest Freshlife FL-3000 Automatic Sprouter makes it even easier to grow and enjoy fresh organically grown sprouts all year round. Just fill it with water, add seeds, plug it in, and switch it on to have fresh nutritious sprouts in only 5-8 days. There’s no soil, no hassle, and no green thumb required. Find Out More


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Technical Details

SKU – TRI239   

Product - Freshlife 3000 Automatic Sprouter

Model - FL-3000

Type - Automatic Sprouter

Motor Power - 15 Watt

Weight - 8.2 lbs. (3.72 kg)

Dimensions - 10" W x 10" D x 14.5" H

Warranty - 1 Year

The Freshlife Extra Barrel Set instantly doubles the sprouting capacity of the Freshlife Sprouter. Double stack your sprouter to increase the amount and variety of sprouts you grow at any one time.

Sprouting barrels are BPA-Free 

Model: FRESH02S