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Strong Bones

Strong Bones

One area of children’s health that’s really important to take note of is bone development.

Newborn babies are born with soft bones which over time become calcified or hardened. As your child grows their bones must grow too and sometimes the rate at which their bones grow is very fast and the muscles, ligaments and tendons attached to the bones become over stretched and too tight causing growing pains to occur.

Building Bones

Bones are made up of a protein mesh within which minerals such as calcium, magnesium, zinc, boron, silica and phosphorus can be deposited. It’s these minerals that give bones their chalky white colour and enable them to be tough and strong enough to support the weight of the body and provide a protective casement for the internal organs to be housed.

Mighty Minerals

To build and maintain strong bones throughout childhood and the rest of your life you need a diet that provides adequate protein and plenty of minerals. Lean protein from fish and white meat helps to build the matrix and including foods rich in calcium and magnesium such nuts, seeds and green leafy vegetables helps to ensure adequate mineral deposits are built up within bone tissue.

The D Factor

There is one snag when it comes to bone health and that’s vitamin D! Because this vitamin is generated when skin cells are exposed to sunlight many children and adults who live in countries that have limited sunlight at certain times of the year actually end up with a vitamin D deficiency. Why is this important for bone health? Well the body uses vitamin D to control the amount of calcium that is absorbed from food AND it also helps the body deposit the calcium that’s been absorbed into bone tissue.

So without a decent supply of vitamin D bone health can suffer, this is why vitamin D supplementation has become such a hot topic. Fortunately Cleanmarine Orange Burst Liquid for Kids contains vitamin D helping to make sure that your kids have the D factor covered!