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Must-Listen Podcasts To Cure Your Boredom

Must-Listen Podcasts To Cure Your Boredom

If you are feeling bored or lonely during the lockdown, then getting into podcasts is a great way to help lift your mood. Podcasts are great diversion while you’re pottering around the house. You can have them on while you do other things like cleaning, cooking, or laundry. It can feel like you’re listening to a friend sometimes, and unlike the radio, you can pick what you want, when you want.

Whether you’re new to the world of podcasts or you’re just looking for something fresh there should be something on this list that will help lift your mood and keep your brain from going into lockdown too. Covering the best wellbeing, fitness, self-care and laugh out loud podcasts, here are some of our favourites.

The Best Wellbeing And Fitness Podcasts


This insightful podcast sees Seamus Mullen and Will Cole look into the root causes of disease and dis-ease. It also explores the reasons and mechanisms of why people reinvent themselves and how personal transformations can change your health, wellbeing and perspective.

Happy Place

This podcast by Fearne Cotton builds on her bestselling book, HAPPY.  In the series, Fearne explores all the reasons we have to be happy, despite what else might be going on in our lives. If you need some help unlocking the happiness inside you, then this is the podcast to start with. Fearne has some great chats with celebrities you know and love. Their inspiring and surprising stories are the uplifting morsels your soul has been hungry for. Some of her recent guests include Ricky Gervais, Russell Brand and PE teacher to the world Joe Wicks.

Feel Better, Love More

From the renowned doctor and author of Feel Better in 5, Dr Rangan Chatterjee uses his Feel Better, Live More podcast as a way to inspire individuals to take control of their own health. Each podcast episode has different guests and a different health theme, so you can look at every aspect of your overall health. From strengthening the mindset to improving sleep and managing anxiety – Dr Chatterjee has you covered.

The Most Entertaining Podcasts

No Such Thing As A Fish

This podcast is brought to you by the QI elves. Even if that means nothing to you, you should give this podcast a listen. Every week, each of the four presenters brings a fact they have found to share with the group. Now, these are often strange and amusing facts, for example, “When the world’s largest bottle of wine sprung a leak, the local fire brigade had to stop the leak with sandbags.”

Listening to this podcast is like listening to your nerdiest friends have a chat down the pub. There are loads of old episodes to binge on, and you’ll finish happier and smarter than when you started.

Katherine Ryan Telling Everybody Everything

Much-loved comedian Katherine Ryan offers this frank, honest and hilarious podcast. Each episode is jam-packed with content. This includes stories of her life, celebrity guests and her view on the latest trending topics, to the latest Netflix hit or social media sensations. If ever you wanted reassurance that someone else is thinking the same crazy things as you, this is the podcast to go for.

Beautiful Stories From Anonymous People

If you don’t know what you want to listen to, but want a peek into other people’s lives, then this is a great show. The premise is simple. An anonymous stranger calls up Chris Gethard (an American comedian you might know). Chris talks to this stranger for an hour, and you listen in. It’s that simple. There are hundreds of episodes to listen to, and each gives you some insight into a strangers life.

The Ideal Self-Care Listens

By The Book

Have you ever stood in front of the self-help section of a books store and felt a little overwhelmed? How do you know where to begin? Well, instead of trying all the books out there, you can hear about how someone else has done just that. The hosts of this podcast spend a week at a time living by the advice in some of the most popular self-help books out there. They share their experiences with you and boil it down to the need to knows so you don’t have to read it, or implement it, yourself.

Happier With Gretchen Rubin

This award-winning podcast is the perfect self-care tool that you can fully personalise to your needs. Bestselling writing, Gretchen Rubin, knows that when it comes to health and self-care, there is no single approach that works, for everyone. In the podcast, Gretchen will help you to better understand yourself, so you’ll know what will work for you and the best ways to instil healthy habits.

Side Hustle School

If you have ever wanted to earn a little money on the side, then side hustle school is a great listen. It tells the stories of numerous people who have found a way to earn some extra money on the side. There are stories of writing fish tank reviews to flipping RVs. Along the way, you can pick up tips that might help you with your next project.


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