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Boost Your WFH Productivity - 5 Energy-Boosting Tips

Boost Your WFH Productivity - 5 Energy-Boosting Tips

A few months ago, less than 10% of people worked from home. Now that number has skyrocketed. If you are one of the newest work from home recruits, then let us share some tips to help you stay productive. 

To start with, the idea of working from home can sound like a dream. But it can be tricky. It's easy to let your home and work life overlap, and as a result, none of the right things gets done. Here are five tips to start you off on the right foot.

Walk or cycle to work!

Why not use your one session of outdoor exercise for commuting to work? Go for a walk or cycle before you start your day at work. There are a few reasons why this is a good idea. The first is that it maintains some normality for you. You don't typically get up, have breakfast and immediately start working. You have your commute time to get your head in gear and get into the right mindset for work.

The next reason is that by leaving the house, you are forced to actually get dressed. Otherwise, the temptation to just work in your PJs can be overwhelming. And unfortunately, it's a terrible idea. The clothing you're wearing affects your state of mind. You're not going to do your best work and your doggy print PJs and fluffy slippers.

Finally, exercise is good for you. while you're at home you'll be doing a whole lot less getting up and walking around then you would at work. So make this little change to keep your body and mind healthy.

Ditch the morning coffee & make a green smoothie instead 

A lot of us choose a morning cup of Joe out of habit and convenience. Since all your routines are going to change a bit anyway, why not take this chance to break a bad habit and start building a good one. Instead of relying on caffeine to get you going, why not switch it up for a healthy and nutritious smoothie. Why not try one of our Udo's Choice Beyond Greens smoothie recipes? Some great ones use Udo's Beyond Greens to make sure you're getting plenty of green veg nutrients in one delicious smoothie.

Plan out your food for the day

One of the biggest pitfalls to working at home is the easy access to your fridge and snack cupboard. Unfortunately, most people who start working from home also gain some weight. Don't let yourself get into bad snacking habits. Plan out what you're going to eat for the day. This should include your lunch as well as snacks and drinks to get you through to clocking off time. 

When you plan it out in advance, you won't eat as much food as when you just wing it. You're also likely to make better choices. If you make your lunch the night before, it gives you a chance to try out some of our great recipes with Udo's oil. How about a nourishing soup, Buddha bowl or salad?

Stay connected

When you work from home, you might find that you are no longer distracted by your colleagues. In the short-term, this might mean you get more work done. But, in the long term, this can leave you feeling isolated and can lead to a lack of motivation. So make sure you have regular check-ins with your colleagues. 

A quick daily catch up at the beginning of the day can be an excellent method for not only keeping your work on track but, also for keeping you sane as well! There are so many different platforms you can use for this, so just find the solution that works best for your team. If you can try and pick a video conferencing option, it will feel more like being in the office that way.

Call it a day at your normal time

Whatever time you usually stop working in the office do the same at home. Don't be tempted to finish one last task. That way, madness lies. 

You need to be strict about how you split your time. Don't let your work creep into your time off. It might sound obvious, but it's a lot harder to do when work happens at home.

Try and have a specific activity or plan of things that you want to do. That way, when you're done working, you know what you're moving onto. Make sure it's something that you find relaxing. You don't have to go nuts and pick up some brand new hobbies (unless you really want to). Do a workout at the end of your work and then just curling up on the sofa and watching a film is enough of a plan. 

Good luck with your new work at home adventure. Hopefully, it will be the opportunity you need to build some new healthy and productive habits.

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