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8 Hacks To Make Living A Healthy Lifestyle Easier

8 Hacks To Make Living A Healthy Lifestyle Easier

Eating well, exercising, drinking enough water and still keeping up with your daily life can seem overwhelming. For some, finding the time for a healthy lifestyle is a struggle, but it doesn’t need to be. With life is already busy enough, trying to live a little healthier doesn’t have to be a burden on top. There are some tried and tested ways to incorporate healthy habits into your current lifestyle easily. Here are our eight hacks to make living a healthy lifestyle easier;

Find A Training Partner

When you’re living a busy, fast-paced life, it can be challenging to fit everything in. Instead of making dinner plans with your friend for a catch-up, invite them to the gym or head out for a run together. Not only will you be avoiding an indulgent meal but getting in some decent exercise while socialising at the same time. Having someone to work out with regularly can be great for motivation and encourage you to push a little bit harder every single time.

Get A Water Bottle

We are sure you’ve heard the benefits of drinking enough water countless times, but sometimes remembering to drink throughout the day is difficult. Water can help your hair shine, your skin glow, reduce hunger, increase energy levels and make you feel amazing! To help you drink enough water every day, invest in a water bottle with measuring guide. This way, you will know exactly how much water you are drinking throughout the day, and when you aren’t drinking enough!

Mix Things Up

Following the same workout routine day in, day out can quickly become tiresome. Keep things fresh and exciting by mixing it up. Switch between gym sessions, running, walking, yoga and anything else you enjoy to stop exercise becoming a chore. Not only will mixing things up help to keep you motivated and engaged but will also work different muscle groups.

Have A Cold Shower

Although not the most pleasant experience, a cold shower is a healthy and invigorating way to start or end your day. Cold showers offer a wealth of benefits to your body which are often overlooked. They promote fat loss by activating good fat in the body which in turn uses calories to keep the body warm. Metabolic rate is also increased with regular cold showers and blood flow is encouraged as cold showers improve circulation.

Get Your Greens In

We all know that a healthy diet is important, but sometimes getting enough vegetables and healthy greens into your diet can be a struggle. It is vital that you eat at least five fruit or vegetables a day for a healthy balanced diet. If you aren’t a fan of veg or don’t often have the time to cook your own meals, then supplements are another great option.

Udo’s Choice Beyond Greens contains greens, fibre and healthy herbs and can be easily added to smoothies, baked goods or other cooking. Rich in antioxidants, it is a super simple way to get your greens in and enhance your nutrition.

Use Frozen Fruit For Smoothies

Smoothies are a delicious and simple way to up your fruit intake and are perfect for breakfast, lunch or a healthy snack. If keeping fresh fruit around all the time isn’t possible, then opt for frozen fruit for your smoothies. Not only is it super convenient as they can just be taken from the freezer and put straight into your smoothie, but they are a great way of cooling your smoothie without added ice.

Always Take The Stairs

One of the easiest swaps you can make to help towards your new healthy lifestyle is swapping the elevator for the stairs. Stairs will get your circulation flowing, promote a healthy heart and increase your energy levels. Once you get into the habit of taking the stairs every day, you will be improving your overall wellbeing without even noticing.

Place Healthy Snacks In Plain Sight

When you are hungry and looking for a quick snack, we are more likely just to eat the first thing we see. Keeping healthy snacks such as fruit and nuts easily accessible will mean you are more likely to grab them instead of chocolate or crisps. Keep these things on your kitchen work surface or on the middle shelf of the fridge, while your unhealthy snacks should be kept away on the top shelf. This makes it more effort to get the unhealthy options, and they won’t be the first thing you see when you go looking.

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