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Vegan Society Approved Ethical Supplements

Vegan Society Approved Ethical Supplements

Many people are looking to switch to more ethical supplements and want to use products that have been created without the inclusion of any animal-based ingredients. To prove that products are made without the inclusion of animals, supplements must obtain Vegan Society certification. Products approved by the Vegan Society give consumers a guarantee that no animal ingredients have been used within the products.

What Is Vegan Certification?

Products that are approved by the Vegan Society Trademark can be considered vegan certified. The Vegan Society Trademark is an internationally recognised symbol that helps to identify products that are suitable for vegans or people who are looking to avoid products that contain animal ingredients.

Once a product is registered with the Vegan Society Trademark, the group conduct a thorough process that involves assessing all the ingredients and manufacturing methods, to ensure there is no trace of animal-use. The Vegan Society will then highlight where products need reformulating in order to be considered an approved product.

It should also be recognised that there are several different labels that claim to identify ethical products. However, certain labels, such as cruelty-free ones, only ensure that the products have not been tested on animals, and don’t necessarily mean they are free from animal ingredients. On the other hand, Vegan Society certified products are both cruelty-free and do not contain any ingredients from animals.

To obtain certification from the Vegan Society, you must apply through the company and send over products and documentation. A Trademark Officer will then review all the ingredients of the products and check for traces of animal-use. If the officer is satisfied, the products will be approved, and you will be able to use the Vegan Society Trademark on them.

Why is the Vegan Society Trademark Important?

The number of people turning to vegan products is heavily increasing every year, which shows why there is such a demand for animal-free ethically produced supplements.

The term ‘vegan’ is often thrown around by different companies, but it isn’t actually defined by any legal body, nor does it have official regulation. Because there’s no universal regulation, it’s important that products are recognised as vegan by reputable groups and companies. The Vegan Society is a well-established and trusted group, which means that products with the Vegan Society Trademark are better received by consumers.

The Vegan Society has been operating since 1990 and has approved over 55,000 products with the Vegan Trademark worldwide. The trademark allows brands to advertise proudly to their customers which is why it’s so important for brands selling vegan products to obtain the certification.

What Guarantees Does the Vegan Society Trademark Offer

Product labels can often be misleading, with brands masking the inclusion of animal-based ingredients by using alternative phrases. For example, ‘natural colouring’ can often refer to insect juice and ‘natural charcoal’ can refer to bone char. Labels may often omit these facts because the amount of the ingredients are deemed insignificant. However, despite the amount, the products may still contain ingredients of animal origin.

However, if a product is certified by the Vegan Society and has the trademark of approval, it is guaranteed that the product is entirely free from animal-based ingredients. It also guarantees that the product has not been tested on any animals, which applies to both the individual ingredients and the product as a whole.

So, whilst products with ‘suitable for vegans’ printed on them may appear ethical at first glance, you need to look a bit deeper to ensure they also carry an official Vegan Society Trademark.

At Savant, all our vegan supplements are approved by the Vegan Society as we understand how important the trademark is. We aim to provide supplements that are ethically produced and are accessible to as many people as possible.  

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