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Eye Logic - The Optician’s Choice

Eye Logic - The Optician’s Choice

Eyecare is an aspect of our health that can often get neglected, but it is essential to look after our eyes if we want to avoid any issues and keep our vision intact. Savant has always placed great value on eye care, which is why we have our Eye Logic range of products. 

What is Eye Logic?

The Eye Logic range is the Opticians choice. Formulated with carefully researched ingredients for optimum eye health currently consists of three products, a drop, spray, and a supplement know as Nutri Eye.

Who Can Benefit from Eye Logic?

Since the start of the pandemic, people are starting to pay more attention to their eye health. There has been an unprecedented focus due to the increase in screen time, with FMCG reporting that 51% of global customers are not satisfied with their current level of eye health, and 37% believe their sight has gotten worse.

In terms of who can benefit from Eye Logic, the products can generally be divided into two categories: eye drops / sprays and eye supplements.

The Eye Logic Dry Eye Spray & Dry Eye Drops are primarily targeted at people who suffer from dry or gritty eyes. They may also be beneficial for people who wear contact lenses and for those who are constantly using computers or other monitors throughout the day.

The new Nutri Eye supplement is targeted at those who have been diagnosed with Age related Macular Degeneration (AMD) or those who have a family history of AMD. Nutri Eye can also be beneficial for people who are prone to cataract formations and people wanting to protect themselves from photo damage from UVA-UVB.

Whilst these are the specific kinds of customers that may be interested in the Eye Logic products, the range may also appeal to a wider range of people, in particular older people who may be suffering from various eye problems.

The Eye Logic Range

Liposomal Eye Spray For those suffering from evaporative dry eyes, eye drops arent always the most effective way of treating the issue. Our Liposomal Eye Spray treats the deficiency in the lipid layer with phospholipid liposomes, prepared from natural Soya Lecithin of a pharmaceutical grade. Some of the standout benefits of the Liposomal Eye Spray include the following:

  • Immediate comfort and relief – on application, there is an immediate soothing sensation on the eyelids, reducing the inflammation of lid margins.
  • Clinically proven – A double-blind cross over 382 subjects resulted in an 89% reduction in inflammation around the eye and an 85% reduction in dry eye symptoms.
  • Effective and affordable.
  • Can be used safely with contact lenses.

Eye Drops – For people who prefer a more traditional method of eye support, eye drops may be the best choice. Some of the main benefits of Eye Logic Eye Drops include the following:

  • Easy and simple to use.
  • Preservative free.
  • Can be used safely with contact lenses.
  • Immediately soothes and rehydrates eyes
  • Can use for up to 12 weeks after the product has been opened.

Nutri Eye – Newly introduced into the Eye Logic range, Nutri Eye is a one-a-day unique formula that builds upon the science and current research into eye health. The supplement contains 12 key nutrients that have been carefully selected based on extensive research. Some of the benefits of Nutri Eye include the following:

  • Contains EVTene – A unique patented blend of the most natural form of carotenes.
  • Contains 12 nutrients including 4 macular carotenoids and omega 3 which nourishes the eyes. It also contains vitamins B2 which contributes to normal vision and vitamin B12 which contributes to the regular function of the nervous system.
  • Contains grapeseed extract – A powerful antioxidant that may help slow the development of macular degeneration and oxidative damage to the lens, which can help prevent cataract formation.
  • Contains key nutrients that have been proved beneficial for optimal eye health in therapeutic levels, including meso-zeaxanthin, lutein, and zeaxanthin.

Stock Eye Logic™ now and give your customers fast, effective relief from  dry eye syndrome and a multi nutrient to support eye health.


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