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MenoMin & Talk Health MyMenopause: The Results!

Hearing from others who have or are currently experiencing the same symptoms during Menopause is a vital form of support so Cleanmarine Menomin also offer anyone who visits the Talk Health Partnership website the chance to read reviews from other women who have tried & tested the product. Here is what Beverley had to say.

“I received the MenoMin very quickly and was a little apprehensive as it contained Krill oil. I really thought I was going to hate it as I‘m not fond of fish and thought I’d be able to taste it. I opened the packet and smelt inside but couldn’t smell a thing! The capsules were quite easy to swallow and I started taking them straight away. 

I had been suffering for months from terrible sweats during the day and especially at night, where I’d wake absolutely dripping in sweat, which wasn’t nice at all. It was difficult to cope with, as I felt I was constantly getting changed and doing the laundry I was changing bedding so often! 

I had a major lack of energy and strength, it took me ages to motivate myself to even get out of bed most days. I suffered daily headaches, brain fog and I really wasn’t sleeping well at all, spending most of the night awake and then dozing off through sheer exhaustion at around 6am when it was time to get up and start a new day! My work suffered as I struggled so much. 

I wasn’t expecting changes from using MenoMin overnight, or for them to be so noticeable. But in reality, it only took around 10 days for me (and other members of my family) to start seeing a difference. 

My brain started feeling less ‘stuffed up’ and the fog lifted a little. I wasn’t forgetting so much, or repeating questions I’d already asked according to my adult daughter. 

I started to sleep a little better, just one or two nights at first which soon crept up to 5-6 nights which was fantastic for me. Sleeping for even 4-5 hours a night felt like a miracle. I felt like I had a bit more energy as the days went on and certainly felt more positive, which I think encouraged me to get up and try things. My enthusiasm to do things slowly returned and I did feel stronger in myself. I wasn’t lifting weights or anything like that, but I felt like I had a bit more strength within my arms and legs, which had been holding me back before, and also an inner strength within me. I started feeling a bit more confident too which was great. 

But the best thing that happened was the sweats eased off quite a lot. I was able to go out and didn’t have that ‘dripping tap’ feeling attached to my head! I still perspired a bit, but felt I was glowing - and the bonus was that I didn’t have to keep dabbing at my sodden brow so often. That felt absolutely fantastic for me. The night sweats lessened and I was sleeping more, which helped with my energy as I was having restorative sleep. 

All in all I’m really happy to have found MenoMin as it’s helped me a lot. As I said before, I wasn’t expecting such great results but overall I’m really pleased that I tried MenoMin as it really reduced a lot of my symptoms. 

I would definitely give the product a 5 star rating. If anyone is wondering if they should try MenoMin, I’d say give it a go. You never know how it could help you if you’re suffering from symptoms of the menopause. I was surprised by the positive results, hopefully, others will be too.

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The rate & review scheme for 2020 is now closed but you can still sign up to receive a months supply of Cleanmarine, hurry don’t miss out on your chance to try it for free!

No matter what stage of the peri-menopause or menopause you are at, Cleanmarine & the Talk Health Partnership can help. Why not sign up to the programme today or of you are not ready yet simply check out the free resources on the Talk Health Partnership website and the Cleanmarine UK site.

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