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Cinnamon Apple Spiced Smoothie

Spicy and hearty, this smoothie certainly fills a gap.

Energy Burst Smoothie

Prepare and freeze all of these fruits so that you always have the Energy Burst Smoothie ingredients on hand, at any time. Your drink will only take 30 seconds to prepare and will be refreshingly cool.

Oranges and Cream Smoothie

METHOD Transfer all the ingredients including the ice into a blender and blendServe immediately TIPS Make orange juice well ahead...

Ultimate Beauty Smoothie

Incorporate this delicious smoothie recipe into your daily diet to experience a healthy glowing complexion from within. The end result not only looks and tastes yum, but is going to do wonders for your skin, hair and nails.

Ultimate Green Smoothie

The super green smoothie is bursting with the nutrition you need to get the day started or fill up in between meals

Protein Shake Smoothie

With added Chia seeds and Peanut butter, this smoothie gives a triple boost of healthy fats, coupled with a good amount of protein.