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Buddha Bowl With Green Goddess Dressing

Buddha Bowl With Green Goddess Dressing

Sometimes nothing really beats a good Buddha Bowl, packed with nourishing and colourful veggies it’s a simple way to get more than your five a day. The recipe is totally flexible, meaning you are free to use whatever veggies you like or have in your fridge that day, however I personally really like to always use avocado as it makes everything taste so much more indulgent, creamy and delicious.



The dressing, however is the key - fresh, tangy and creamy, using a blend of Udo’s Choice Ultimate Oil which is rich in omegas 3,6,9 combined with the Beyond Greens powder for an alkaline boost! – Happy Skin Kitchen


To build the bowl, place your grains at the bottom and add all the other vegeta-bles on top, arranged as you like. TIP: If you are not used to eating raw greens slice them very finely and massage them with some olive oil, lemon juice and salt to make them easier to digest.

To make the dressing, simply place all the ingredients into a blender and blend until completely smooth and creamy. If your blender is struggling or you want a runnier consistency add a splash of water.

Drizzle the dressing on top of the bowl and sprinkle with some seeds. If you have any leftover dressing store it in a jar or airtight container and it will keep for a couple of days.

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