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Cleanmarine Krill Oil

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Study after study points to the incredible role omega acids play in healthy heart, brain, eye and joint function. They keep skin and nails in good condition, support the immune system and help wounds heal. They enhance mood, improve concentration and relieve PMS. We can’t produce omega acids ourselves; we have to consume them. Fish oil has been accepted as the likely best source – but that’s about to change.

Krill are shrimp-like sea creatures that provide a superior, more bioavailable source of omega 3 fatty acids - and the science proves it. Krill oil is absorbed faster. It is substantially better at increasing good cholesterol and reducing bad. We all need DHA, a fatty acid that acts like a building block for the brain - and the DHA found in fish oil is more easily absorbed that that found in fish oil. It also wins at reducing joint pain. Whatever fish oil does, krill oil simply does better - and it also does more: krill oil naturally comes with a unique antioxidant which protects the eye and improves blood flow.

When you choose krill oil, you also do right by the planet because unlike many fish sources, krill are sustainable with zero by-catch. Cleanmarine Krill Oil is 100% naturally pure and fully traceable. And as an added bonus, as well as being life-enhancing, ethical and perfectly clean, krill oil doesn't come with the fishy aftertaste or burps of other omega acid supplements. What's not to like?

Why use Cleanmarine?

Heart Health

  • Contributes to the normal function of the heart
  • Helps maintain healthy blood pressure
  • Support healthy levels of blood triglycerides
  • Protects the cardiovascular system
  • Maintains the health of the arteries

Brain Health

  • DHA contributes to the maintenance of normal brain function
  • Reduces stress
  • Positive effect on behaviour and mood


  • DHA contributes to the maintenance of normal vision
  • Reduces sight degeneration
  • Protects the retina from harmful UV light

Take 1-2 capsules daily


Phospholipids (Omega 3 rich) 200mg, Omega 3 110mg of which: EPA 60mg, DHA 27.5mg, Omega 6 10mg, Omega 9 40mg, Vitamin A 20µg, Vitamin E 10µg, Astaxanthin 40 µg

60 x 500mg caps

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