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Udo's Choice Limited Edition Twin Pack

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Brand: Udo's Choice
Product Code: FMD046
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Udo`s Choice Limited Edition Twin Pack contains two of your favourite Udo`s Choice products: Super 8 Microbiotics and Digestive Enzymes.

Udo’s Choice has teamed up with Clean Eating Alice, a bestselling author and personal trainer, to bring you delicious recipes, fitness tips and an at home training plan that supports your healthy lifestyle. Inspired by Alice’s journey to healthy balanced life, Udo’s Choice has designed a Gut Health Guide to help you understand the importance of keeping your gut healthy and how you can achieve this by adopting a healthier lifestyle.

Super 8 Microbiotics
High strength microbiotic
• 8 microbiotic strains
• 42 billion cells per capsule at time of manufacture
• At least 31 billion viable cells at expiry
• The specific strains have been chosen for their value to upper bowel health 
• Vegetarian, Gluten Free

Digestive Enzymes Blend
• 7 plant based enzymes
• 100% plant-based digestive enzymes 
• Vegetarian, Gluten Free
• Travel Pack available

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