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One Nutrition Organic Power Greens - Vegecaps

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Brand: One Nutrition
Product Code: ONE012
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New! One Nutrition Organic Power Greens 

The One Nutrition range of organic greens focusses on powerful foods such as Spirulina, Wheatgrass Juice powder, Barley grass juice powder and Brassicas to bring you both the ultimate convenience and the ultimate quality. By carefully drying out greens we can increase the nutrient density, whilst making these powerful food sources easily accessible thorugh tablet, capsule or easy to mix powders.

Why choose Power Greens? It’s simple - your body deserves the best. Power Greens provides a potent natural source of raw fuel your body needs to perform at its best every day.

By delivering concentrated green food nutrition in a way that suits our modern lifestyles, Power Greens is the quick and easy way to bring these potent green foods into your diet.

Nutrient rich Power Greens:
»» aids training regimes
»» energy support
»» key green foods

We don’t compromise on anything, especially taste. Just add Power Greens to water, juice or a protein drink daily.

Directions for Use:

For best results take prior to or after exercise. Simply mix with cold water to taste. Or, if time isn’t an issue, add to fresh juice, pour over cereals, porridge, yoghurt or add to your protein smoothie


- Spirulina*

- Wheatgrass Juice Powder*

- Barley Grass Juice Powder*

- Brassica Blend (powdered broccoli, white cabbage & kale)*

- Chlorella*

- Capsule shell: Hydroxypropyl methyl cellulose

*Certified Organic

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