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Salus Fresh Plant Juices

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Brand: Salus
Product Code: SAL020
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Helps Maintain all Vital Processes of the Body

Leave nature as natural as possible - this is the motto of the Salus plant juices. Salus fresh plant juices contain the juice from freshly harvested, certified organically or wild grown plants. The advantage of the Salus fresh plant juices compared to other forms of herbal preparations is that only the fresh plant juice contains the whole complex of active ingredients because the pressing process doesn't affect the structure of the plant components. This natural complex of natural ingredients works together to produce a value that is greater than the sum of their individual values. As the active ingredients are already absorbed in liquid form all the goodness of nature, as captured in Salus plant juices, is absorbed very efficiently by the body.


Who is this product Suitable for?

Salus fresh plant juices are suitable for those people who want to influence all vital processes of the body in a very gentle and long term way in order to stay healthy and to maintain vitality.

All juices are suitable for vegetarians and vegans.

Salus Fresh Plant Juices Range:

Artichoke: May help maintain a healthy digestive system; 
Dandelion: May help support the urinary system;
Stinging Nettle: May help support the metabolism;
Thyme: May help support the respiratory system.
Horsetail: May help Support of the urinary system
Black Radish: May help Intestinal well-being
Fennel: May help Digestive support
Celery: May help purification
Plantain: May help the support of the respiratory system

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