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MGO™600+ ManukaClear™ Intensive Care Mask - 50ml

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Brand: Manuka Health
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Intensive Skin Care

Pure concentrated formulas combining premium ultrahigh grade MGO™ Manuka Honey with active botanical extracts for intensive care that’s gentle on the skin.

MGO™600+ ManukaClear™ Intensive Care Mask - 50ml

ManukaClear™ Mask is a formulation developed specifically to provide intensive hydration, protection and soothing relief  for aggravated and very dry skin.

  • Pure high grade MGO™ 600+ Manuka Honey  with CycloPower™ MGO™400+ Manuka Honey – a unique complex made from naturally derived ingredients

  •Calendula flower extract

  •100% natural formulation. NO water, preservatives,  colours or fragrances

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