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Joint Factor Plus

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Joint Factor Plus has been especially developed for the maintenance of supple joints, strong bones and flexible muscles. Joint Factor Plus capsules contain special nutrients for maintaining overall joint mobility:

Glucosamine - is a natural building material for healthy cartilage that is present in almost every tissue of the human body.

Boswellia Serrata - is an Ayurvedic plant that contains a special resin supporting healthy bones, joints and muscles.

Avocado/Soybean extract - is a mixture containing Avocado Soybean Unsaponifiables (ASU), supporting the formation of new cartilage in bones and connective tissue.

Unique Fruit Factor Complex - is a freeze dried fruit complex containing special nutrients from blackberry, blueberry, strawberry and tangerine peels. These protect joint, bone and muscle cells.

Urtica Dioica - is the best-known member of the nettle genus Urtica. The extract contains potent nutrients that help to maintain flexible joints, muscles and tendons.

Vitamin C - is involved with collagen formation. The elastic tissue gives joints stability and firmness.

Vitamin D - helps to maintain strong bones. It is involved with the absorption of Calcium and Phosphorous from food.

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