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Health Elements Pure High-Strength Green Tea Extract - 100 Vegecaps (500mg)

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Simply pure Green Tea extract - HIGH POTENCY - 100 VEGECAPS (500mg) - 50 day supply

Our green tea extract keeps things simple. We take an ultra fine 100:1 extract that has a mighty 95% polyphenol content, and put it in a capsule - nothing more, nothing less.

The power of green tea comes from these polyphenols - known as catechins - first discovered in the mid 1970’s.

Since then their ability to react with free radicals has made them a heavily researched and well understood compound.

Unlike black tea, that is fermented and does not contain the same polyphenol levels, our green tea is prepared with minimal fuss. The leaves are dried, the polyphenols are extracted with grain alcohol, and the resulting extract careful dried and powdered

By selecting only the finest raw materials, and following best practices for extraction, we ensure you benefit from everything that green tea has to offer

INGREDIENTS - Green Tea extract (95% polyphenols) in vegetable cellulose capsules (Hypromellose 95mg)


SUGGESTED USAGE - 2 -3 or more Vegecaps daily. Best taken on an empty stomach


NUTRITION INFORMATION Serving size: 2 Vegecaps (1000mg powder)

Servings per container: 50

Store in a cool, dry place


Food Supplement

Do not exceed the recommended daily intake. Food supplements should not be used as a substitute for a healthy diet. Store out of reach of young children in a cool dry place.

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